Toner Cartridges

Cartridgex strives to help you to maintain your laser printers at the lowest possible cost. All toner cartridges offered in our store are of high quality – we take all important aspects into account: high speed, high resilience, page yield, no blurring or staining, but crisp, intense colours instead. We sell only sell toners made of non-toxic materials.

Compatible toner cartridges as a cheaper alternative

We are well aware that original laserjet cartridges may be costly. Therefore we offer one of the widest collections of top-quality compatible toner cartridges in UK. All of our replacement cartridges are carefully examined by our experts and have to pass our Quality Inspection Control.

Toner cartridge quality guarantee

We send all of the toner cartridges in their pristine condition, in secure packaging. If the delivered products do not satisfy you, you might return them to us within 30 days and you will receive a full money refund.

What are the advantages of toner cartridges in comparison to ink cartridges?

Instead of having a liquid ink in them, laser printer cartridges are filled with dry powder mixed with refined plastic elements, which gets heated and as such sticks to paper, while images are created by a laser beam. Since laser cartridges have a bigger page yield, they are less expensive in the long run. They are better for bigger institutions that print high volume of practical, black-and-white documents.

Can toner cartridges be refilled?

When a toner cartridge is emptied, it is better to simply purchase a replacement one. You might try to refill it, but it’s a complicated process that is also pretty unhealthy because you are at risk of inhaling dust from toner powder. If you find  an original laser printer cartridge to be too expensive to pay for, you might select one among high-quality toner replacement cartridges.

When should I replace a toner cartridge?

When you notice irregularities in print, such as fading or loss, loss of colour intensity, or streaks, it is advised to immediately replace your laser toner cartridge, especially if quality of print is very important for you. If you can’t even risk any of such irregularities, the best solution is to observe regularly your printer’s display screen. If you notice that any of the colours is running low, you might try to prime a particular laser printer cartridge. There is also an easy method to make your laser cartridge work for a bit longer - just remove it from the printer and shake it back and forth several times. In this way, the powder should be spread more inside.

Which toner cartridges are the cheapest?

A toner cartridge with the lowest sticker price does not necessarily turn out to be most cost-effective in long-term exploitation. Price per page gives us a much better information concerning toner’s efficiency. Page yields provided by manufacturers are estimated in accordance with ISO standards after carrying out a printing test with standard test page at 5% coverage.