Ricoh Ink

One of the best known manufacturers of printing devices for home and office is Ricoh a Japanese corporation with a global range. Among the selection of machines there are multi-purpose inkjet printers of a very high quality. The machines are not very expensive, but the original black and colourful ink cartridges definitely are. What to do to lower the cost of printing then? Our shop has a lot compatible ink cartridges at the prices that will amaze you. The printing quality is excellent and the capacity of the cartridges we provide customers with is really high. So do not think twice and order relevant cartridges for your printer.

Do compatible cartridges spoil printers?

Like most producers of printing appliances Ricoh spends a lot of money on marketing and commercials. To get the money back the company tries to convince customers, that only original cartridges should be used as the replacement ones can do harm to the devices. The tactics usually work well because no one wants to lose the warranty for the bought machine. However, it is not true as the compatibles are produced with the same ink as the genuine cartridges, so there is no point worrying about the mechanisms. All replacement ink cartridges are thoroughly checked before they are launched on the shops. The compatible cartridges producers have great experts who do their best to deliver customers products that are the same quality and features as the originals. If using substitute consumables is safe, cheap and absolutely legal, why to use genuine ones that are really expensive?

Cheap printing with compatible ink cartridges

Whether you use your inkjet printer for home purposes or you print a lot of documents in your company’s office, you can save a lot of money using replacement cartridges. Foremost, the capacity of a genuine cartridge is often much smaller than a compatible one and the ink cannot be used to the end, because the printer qualifies it as empty. Sometimes even one fourth of the capacity is still in the container. This is a general practice of many producers of original products just to make customers buy another one. Moreover, as far as the construction and functions are concerned, replacement cartridges do not differ from original ones. Ink cartridges we offer are reliable, economic and cheaper than the original Ricoh cartridges. So the choice is yours, and if you decide to place an order, we will send it to you within 24 hours.