Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are an indispensable accessory in any type of living space. We all run out of them quickly all the time, so it's advisable to keep substantial provisions in stock. Searching for a reliable supplier of rubber bands in the UK? Cartridgex cordially invites you to have a look through our unique, versatile collection of top quality elastic bands.

Wide variety of rubber bands

There is a number of rubber band sizes to choose from, same with colours (e.g. you might prefer white rubber bands, red rubber bands, or natural rubber bands), and the quantity sold in packs. Adjust your choice to your needs and aesthetic preferences. 

Why are we a top supplier of elastic bands in the UK?

Cartridgex pays special attention to quality of elastic bands in its offer – all of our rubber bands are made of top quality, highly durable and long-lasting materials that are characterised by a very strong hold. We also take special care to provide our customers with a vast selection of this product.