Pitney Bowes Ink

Pitney Bowes is known to be a global technological company that produces a lot of appliances mainly for offices but not only. They are of excellent quality that is why a lot of customers buy them. However, they are quite expensive as it comes to operation because of the high price of original ink cartridges. If you look at the offer in our shop, you will find Pitney Bowes compatible ink cartridges that are cheap and of an excellent quality.

Why should ink replacement cartridges be used?

It was noticed some time ago, that the implemented tactics of printing devices producers concerning the need for original consumables are specific and not really good for buyers. They are usually very expensive, that is why some replacement materials produced by many companies appeared on the market. Unless photographic quality is needed, users do not have to buy original ones. There are a lot of compatible ink cartridges which have been fully tested and proven to work well with any ink printer or other machines, and the quality of the print is also very good. As professionals, we are able to offer a great deal of Pitney Bowes ink replacement cartridges for all the brand devices at the best price you can imagine.

Can you harm your printer with replacement cartridges?

It is impossible to do any harm to your printing device with such ink cartridges because the quality is guaranteed. They are modelled on the originals and before being distributed to shops, they are thoroughly tested. Of course, the producers of the appliances claim something completely opposite, but some printers and franking machines that use them for a very long time are still of an excellent condition. In the process of production only high class ink is used which has the same qualities as the mixture used in the original Pitney Bowes cartridges, so there is no point in paying a lot more for them. However, deciding to buy replacement cartridges it is advisable to buy them from reliable shops which offer products made by recognized companies.

Why are Pitney Bowes original ink cartridges more expensive than the replacement ones?

The answer is very simple. Buying an original ink cartridge you pay not for the highest quality of it but for the brand. Cheaper does not mean worse at all. According to some research, the prices are so high because the producers of printers, franking machines and copiers, among which there is Pitney Bowes brand of course, pay a lot of money for commercials and marketing. So if you do not want to lose money, order a Pitney Bowes ink cartridge for your device in our shop and ensure that it is not only cheap but also economical and of great quality. Find the one you need and see for yourself, that you do not have to spend so much to make a high quality copies. If you place an order before 3 pm from Monday to Friday (except for Bank Holidays) we send it the same day.