Catridgex is a successful supplier of both original cartridges and efficacious compatible printer cartridges for major printer brands. Our comprehensive assortment of compatible cartridges ensures high-quality of print at cheaper prices than with use of original cartridges by given printer manufacturers. All of our compatible cartridges passed  our Quality Control Inspection.

Compatible ink cartridges for major printer brands

Cartridgex store offers a comprehensive selection of cost-effective compatible ink cartridges for multiple major printer brands: we have compatible inks for Epson printers, HP printers, Brother printers, Lexmark printers, Canon printers, etc.

Compatible toner cartridges for major printer brands

Similarly, we offer compatible toners for laser printers manufactured by renowned brands, all producing high-quality prints, among others HP compatible cartridges, Canon compatible cartridges, Brother compatible cartridges etc.

HP cartridges

HP is without a doubt one of the most popular printer manufacturers. While their printers are reliable and costs effective, their original replacement cartridges might be expensive. We offer a wide selection of HP compatible cartridges.

Epson cartridges

Epson is a very popular brand for printers used in offices, so for environment with high volume of printing per month. As a result, cost-efficient cartridges are very important for their owners. We especially recommend our compatible inks for Epson printers.

Canon cartridges

Canon is a very renowned and highly popular brand, not only for their excellent printers, and there is high demand for cartridges to their products.

Lexmark cartridges

One of the leading  printer brands in the world; we offer a special series of efficacious compatible cartridges for Lexmark printers. Browse for one in our store right now.

Brother cartridges

Brother is a very popular manufacturer of printers used in office environment for high-volume practical printing. We offer reliable, durable and cost-efficient compatible cartridges fitting many models of Brother printers.