Drum Units

Toner cartridges are not the only vital part of laser printers. Each cartridge must be accompanied by a printer drum unit. Our store offers only most resilient, cost-effective, high-quality drum units at affordable prices. Cartridgex offers you both original products of major brands and compatible drum units (with quality quarnatee).

What is the difference between drum unit and toner?

A toner cartridge is the unit that contains the dry powder, while a printer drum unit is a mechanism equipped with a "photosensitive drum" that transfers this powder on the paper by way of heating and exerting pressure. Some printers have toners and drum units combined into a single unit that needs to be replaced in full, but others are constructed in a way that makes only replacement of a toner necessary.

How long do drum units last?

The most obvious sign is when your prints come out with smudges or lines across the printout. it is generally advised to replace a printer drum unit after you have already replaced a toner cartridge 3-4 times if you can't risk any printing irregularities.