Board Accessories

Searching for a lively way to make practical planning & taking notes at school or work easier, more memorable and fun? Visual tools have been log proven to be most effective when it comes to memorizing and ordering. Browse through our exquisite collection of accessories to choose from a collection of high-quality, durable, multi-functional supplies to whiteboards.

Dry-erase board accessory that will keep your board clean and functional

If you are searching for a handy dry-erase board accessory, look at our product range of markers and cloths to make the best use of a dry-erase board… depending on whether you want the marker to be easily dried off or not, you might choose among different types of markers and cloths. Outside of cloths, there is also a selection of other cleaning products that are very handy in maintenance of a traditional dry-erase board.

Best offer concerning magnetic board accessories

Our magnets are perfect to use on magnetic boards – they are designed to be strong, so they don't fall off or slip and as such stay in place where you placed it. There are several types of packs containing different numbers of magnets. Their variety of colouring means you might invent and use your own colour coding. Try also our unique markers, marker trays, holders, and cleaners. All of our magnetic board supplies are easy to use, also for children, and in addition to being highly practical, bring with themselves also a lot of joy.