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27th Dec 2018

You want to avoid those thick fonts and bolded texts when you are printing materials. Sure, that comic sans font is cool, but it is draining your ink. And though bold text does really stand out, it probably isn’t necessary and all you are really doing is draining your ink twice as fast. We recommend you try the ecofont as it uses 20 percent less ink than other fonts.

You usually use a 14-point font when you print. That’s fine, but if you started using a 12-point font, you would save ink. You need to stop and ask yourself if 14-point fonts are really necessary. We don’t think so, we always write and print in 12-point fonts.

It is a good idea to thoroughly proofread and edit all your documents before you begin to print them out. This way, that mistake you discover on page three will have been caught before 30 pages need to be reprinted.

Check those printer preferences on your computer. We are quite sure that the manufacturer has them set on ink guzzle mode. Tweak these a bit and watch your cartridge last longer.

One last thing to do to save on ink is to be sure and take a look at the preview before you commit to print. Make sure you are just printing one page of a website as opposed to all 13 pages of the website.

No matter how much ink you save, you will eventually need a replacement. Visit our website to order that Brother ink cartridge or that HP Q2612A black toner that you need.