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Visit our website to order the Brother LC 1240c Cyan ink cartridge for your printer

1st Oct 2018

Printer ink; some argue it is more expensive than the blood that carries nutrients through your body. It is never a good day when the ink in your printer runs dry. It is especially frustrating when you are printing out an important document that needs to be utilized right away. Now, when you are in need of ink for your printer, visit our website and we will take care of you. However, if you find yourself in a bind and need to discover a way to get that important document printed, we offer a few ways to squeeze every last letter of ink from that cartridge.

You obviously realize not all printers are the same. Laser printers utilize toner cartridges with dry ink so fine it is potentially dangerous if inhaled. You may think that cartridge is empty when it fails to print that document, but we know a way you can squeeze out at least another page or two. Take the cartridge from the printer and give a good, vigorous shake. You see, the dust-like ink settles on the bottom of the cartridge and will fall into place when shaken. It is a bit like making a dry martini for James Bond.

If you are utilizing an inkjet printer, getting one last page or two from your cartridge will require a hairdryer. No, that is not a typo, a hairdryer is the tool of choice for this project. When you receive that dreaded notification that you are out of ink, it is time to pull out your secret weapon. Pull the cartridge from the printer and aim the hairdryer on the strip where the ink comes out of for a few minutes. The heat clears any blockages and enables you to finish printing your document.

After you have exhausted these methods, you will be needing a new ink cartridge. Visit our website to order the Brother LC 1240c Cyan ink cartridge for your printer.