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28th Nov 2018

What began as a science fair project turned into a way to save the United States government $136 million a year in the cost of ink. You see, sixth grade Dorseyville Middle School student Suvir Mirchandani was thinking about ways to cut waste at his school, in his research he discovered a few curious facts. The first thing Suvir discovered is that ink is more expensive than Chanel #5 perfume at $38 per ounce. He also discovered the most commonly used characters are e,t,a,o and r.

In the next step, he charted how often each of these characters were used in four different typefaces. He then measured how much ink was used for each letter. He verified his discovery by weighing out enlarged letters on cardstock. Suvir discovered that the Garamond font uses the least amount of ink. He concluded that if his school district would utilize the Garamond font, it would reduce ink consumption by 24 percent. This would save the school district about $21,000 a year.

Suvir would them apply his findings on a much larger level. This is when he did his study on the US government’s printing expenditure. However, although impressed by the findings, the US government has yet to do anything with the information.

Now, we know that everybody likes to save on their toner and ink. While you probably won’t see a savings in the millions by utilizing a different typeface, at least your ink cartridges and toner will last a little longer. And that is not a bad thing. Visit our website and discover we do carry the HP CE285A black toner you need for your home or office.