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Utilize That Brother LC-1240Bk Black Ink Cartridge for Better Things Than Documents

30th Oct 2018

What types of things do you print out with your printer? We are sure you print letters and documents, you probably also print pictures as modern printers do an excellent job. If you are limiting yourself to just printing pictures and documents, then you need to learn how to better utilize your printer. Here are a few really cool things you can create with your printer.

If you are like many people, you probably have burned many musical CD’s in your lifetime. You would then buy a case for it and utilize the packaging as a cover. This is where you would spend an hour carefully printing out the band name and name of the songs with a sharpie. Be careful, you just misspelled a word; now you have to start over. You now have the option of printing out CD covers and jewel case inserts. There are websites where you can get templates. In fact, you can find and print the original CD cover or you can use a paint program to create your own cover. So go get creative.

If you are an avid photographer, you will be pleased to discover you can print out a lens hood for your camera. There are websites that have templated for all sorts of cameras including Canon, Olympus and Nikon. These sites offer both rounded and petal versions.

Buying gifts for family members can be expensive. Save a little money by printing out your own gift wrap. Not only that, you can save a few quid by making your own gift box. Simply brilliant.

Now that you have better utilized your printer, you will need to purchase your ink from us and save money. We carry the Brother LC-1240Bk black ink cartridge you need for your printer.