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Save Money by Utilizing Our Low-Cost Ink and C1765NFW Toner Cartridges

8th Aug 2018

You are the proud owner of a quite successful small business. As an owner of a business, you wear many hats and have become an expert in many fields. For example, you learned how to do payroll, you can fix the squeak on the closet door and you know how to reset your computer when it freezes up. However, you know absolutely nothing about copy machines. The dilemma you now face is whether you should rent a copier or just downright buy one. We can help.

If you have the cash, you might be tempted just to outright buy a machine and save money in the long run. However, you must consider what will happen and how much it will cost when the machine breaks down the day after the warranty expires. When you buy a copy machine, you must factor in what it will cost to keep it maintained over the years. You also need to consider the lifespan of a copy machine.

If you decide to lease a copy machine, you will avoid many headaches associated with ownership. That is, when the machine refuses to properly run, help is just a phone call away. The down side to leasing is that as long as you have a copy machine, you will always have a monthly payment to make.

Whatever you decide, you will need a regular supply of toner to make sure all of your documents come out crisp and clean. Save money by utilizing our low-cost ink and C1765NFW toner cartridges. Visit our website today and save.