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If You Simply Tossed Those Panasonic KXFA52X Cartridges into the Garbage, There Would be an Astounding Amount of Print Cartridges in Our Landfills

Posted by on 30th Aug 2018

As any business owner with a high volume of printing knows, the speed in which they burn through printer cartridges is pretty fast. Take a rough figure of the number of cartridges used at a particular company and multiply that by the amount of companies around the world and you have a tremendous amount of spent ink cartridges floating around. If these companies quite simply tossed those Panasonic KXFA52X cartridges into the garbage, there would be an astounding amount of print cartridges in our landfills. These cartridges take hundreds, if not thousands of years to breakdown and in doing so, release toxic chemicals into the ground and in the air. That is something that none of us really want to have happen.

Let’s talk for a moment about what it takes to produce an ink cartridge. Producing ink cartridges requires making plastics and metals that consume oil in the process, resulting in the release of greenhouse gasses and other pollutants. Businesses as well as other users of ink cartridges can cut their negative impact on the environment simply by recycling their empty ink and toner cartridges.

More good news, recycled ink and toner cartridges cost less than new ones. Typically, recycled cartridges will cost less than half that of new ones. If your business prints in high volumes, this savings will make a positive impact on the bottom line.

As you can clearly see, there really is no drawbacks in using recycled cartridges. You save money, reduce energy consumption and help the environment, certainly a winning combination.