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History of the Printer


The computer was invented in 1943 but was not completed until 1946. This computer occupied about 1,800 square feet and used about 18,000 vacuum tubes that weighed almost 50 tons! This, ladies and gentlemen, was the first computer. With new discoveries and technologies emerging, time has allowed the computers to develop into what they are today. But not too far behind was the first printer. In 1954, the first printer was developed and released by Remington-Rand.

Clearly technology has improved since 1954, and now there are thousands of printers to choose from, including which printer cartridges are best for different uses. With so many decisions you need to make, your job could get tough, but just imagine what people back in the 19th Century had to do in order to keep work in order. Instead of printing documents, they would use a printing press if they had one. If they didn’t have a printing press, they would send off their printing jobs to the local printing office. These shops would produce books, newspapers, advertisements, pamphlets, notices, legal forms and labels.

Can you imagine having to send every single print job off to the local printing office? Luckily, with time and discovery, technology has developed much further than anyone could have anticipated. Make sure you have all of the printer cartridges you need in order to stay away from a printing office and in the comfort of your own home. 

Get Familiar With Ink

Many of us are not too familiar with ink cartridges, which comes to a surprise because nearly 314 ink cartridges will be sold in the UK and surrounding countries next year alone. So if you’re searching for the perfect ink cartridge, you may have some questions, such as “which brand is the best to use?”Unfortunately, [...]

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How To Save Printer Ink

When it comes to saving the ink in your printer cartridges here in the UK, there are plenty of things you can do to do so. We care about our customers, and we understand more than anyone that printer cartridges can get pricey, especially if you’re someone who prints a lot of documents and pictures. [...]

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How To Reset HP Ink Cartridges

Let’s face it, if you’re not technically savvy, replacing your printer’s ink cartridge can seem like a daunting task. When your printer says it is out of ink, try to stay calm by resetting it. If the steps below don’t help, don’t worry! Online with us, you’ll be able to find all of the HP [...]

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5 Tips For Buying Printer Cartridges

When it comes to printing, you should always be sure that you have the correct printer cartridge to print with the colours and quality you are after. Because of this, 4 Printer has come up with the top 5 most common ink cartridge buying mistakes.Ignoring the manual.Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what model [...]

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Which Panasonic Film Ribbon Is Right For You?

If you’re someone who is constantly looking to print the highest quality items, whether they be bar codes or sheets of paper, you’re in the right place. At 4Printer, you can find all of the Panasonic kx fa52x ink film ribbons you will ever need. If you have been following our previous post however, [...]

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Thermal Transfer VS Direct Thermal, What's The Difference?

When it comes to printing, you should always have the best Panasonic kx fa52x ink film ribbon possible. Because of this, we’ve taken it upon ourselves, here at 4Printer, to help you decipher what kind of kx fa52x ink film ribbon you may need. There are 2 different printers that you should be aware of, [...]

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Epson T0431 Ink Is High Quality & Compatible

There’s no better way to extend the life of your printer than by choosing high-quality supplies like the Epson T0431 ink cartridge. The great thing about Epson T0431 ink is that it is compatible with six different printers, which means you can get great ink for an affordable price. There’s no need to stress about [...]

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Advent Printer Ink Is Compatible, Efficient, & High-Quality

The days of “one-and-done” printer ink cartridges are over! Advent printer ink can be recycled and exchanged for a new cartridge. That’s just the start. After you send in your cartridge to be recycled by 4Printer, your replacement cartridge will work in your printer as if it was the original cartridge. (Plus, you get 10% [...]

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4Printer Products & Compatible Products

Here at 4Printer we build our life and work around supporting users like you searching for the best printer supplies. That means we stock up on dozens of brands and supplies - even more, we offer you supplies that are compatible with many printers because we want to make your office buying time as easy [...]

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